The following procedure is to be followed by all Electrical Consumers of CSL for safe installation, commissioning and maintenance of their electrical installations. All consumers are requested to strictly comply with this procedure to avoid any kind of electrical accidents.

  1. The intending contractors in need of electrical power for undertaking ant kind of CSL construction works should submit their scheme to the Resident - Electrical Engineer through the licensed electrical contractors through whom they intend to carry out the work.

  2. On getting approval of the scheme from the Resident Electrical Engineer the licensed Electrical Contractor should intimate the Resident Electrical Engineer regarding the starting of the work.

  3. After completion of the work the Electrical Contractor shall submit the completion report in the prescribed form to the Resident electrical Engineer. The completion report should contain complete details of the connected equipments which will include Sl No. of the equipment, makes No, of phases, type of motors, method of starting etc.

  4. On receipt of the completion report the Resident Electrical engineer will arrange for inspection of the installation to ensure that the whole work has been carried out according to the IER, IEA and Inspectorate regulations.

  5. Any defects noticed will be intimated to the contractor for rectification.

  6. On receipt of information regarding completion of the rectification works the Resident Electrical Engineer will again arrange for inspection and the installation will be allowed to be energised if found OK and the authorization for energisation will be issued.

  7. If the defects noticed during the initial inspection are found minor in nature; the Resident Electrical Engineer will issue the authorization letter for energisation giving a reasonable time to the consumer to rectify the defects.

  8. During the course of working the above installation will be subjected to periodical inspection by the inspecting Officers of CSL for defecting authorized connections, unsafe practices etc. and any defects pointed out by them will have to be rectified immediately by the concerned consumers.

  9. At least in case of large installations, consumers are requested to appoint a qualified electrician supervisor/having a competency license/certificate issued by the Kerala State Licensing Board for safe upkeep and maintenance of their electrical installation/ equipments.

  10. For non observance of the above safety practices, rules and regulations and due to the resultant accidents the defaulting consumers liable to be subjected to the normal procedures of punitive actions as envisaged in the Indian Electricity Rules/Indian Electricity Act and elsewhere.