1. Tenders shall be submitted only in approved forms. The tenderers shall complete the tender, bill of quantities and schedules and insert all the information called for therein and sign each and every page of the tender, amendment to tender, conditions of contract, specifications and drawings, bill of quantities and schedules in full and date them. The tender in original, complete in all respects and enclosed in a sealed cover superscribed with name of work on the left hand corner, noting the time and date of openings along with the full name and address of the tenderer shall be submitted by the time and date mentioned in the notice inviting tenders. Tenders may be delivered within the prescribed time personally or forward by registered post so as to reach the Dy. General Manager (Civil Engineering.) Cochin Shipyard Limited not later than the prescribed date and time

  2. Each tender shall contain the name, full address, residence and place of business of the person or Firm or company making the tender and shall be signed by the tenderer with his usual signature. In the event of the tender being submitted by a firm, it may be signed separately by each member thereof or in the event of the absence of any partner, it must be signed on his behalf by the person holding the power of attorney authorising him to do so such power of attorney to be produced with the tender and it must disclose that the firm is duly registered under the Indian Partnership Act. Tenders by Corporation / Companies shall be signed with the legal name of the Corporation followed by the name of the State of incorporation and by the signature and designation of the President, Secretary or other person authorised to bind it in the matter.

  3. The following further particulars should also be submitted with the tender.
    • Constitution of the Firm Private or public Limited concern or partnership, or undivided etc.

    • Names of the Person holding power of Attorney.

    • Name and Address of the Bankers to whom reference can be made regarding the Firm/ Tenders financial standing.

    • Past experience of the firm, the value of work done, period in which work has completed whether any extension of time was required to complete the work.

    • Address of the Principal Engineer to whom reference can be made, if considered necessary regarding the works carried out by the firm / Tenderer.

    • Extend of work on hand ie. Works already under execution (Value and time required for completion), works for which tenders have been made and accepted but work not yet taken up and works for tenders have been made but not yet accepted

    • Full information on key technical person employed with their professional standards, specialists employed by the Firm/Tenderer and their professional standards any other relevant information on the staff employed.

    • Name of foreign collaborators if any associates in the Engineering field

    • Field of specialization

    • Heavy construction machinery maintained and in operation by the Firm/ Tenderer.

    • Financial stability.

      1. Authorised and paid-up capital supported by a copy of the Articles of association and

      2. Copy of the last year’s audited Balance Sheet

  4. Receipt for payment made on account of work when executed by a firm must also be signed by the several partners, except where the contractors are described in their tender as a Firm, in which case the receipts must be signed in the name of the firm by one of the partners, or by some other person having authority to give effectual receipts for the firm.

  5. Any person who submits a tender shall fill up the usual printed form, stating at what rate he is willing to undertake each item of work. Tenders, which propose any alteration in the work specified in the said the form of invitation to tender, or in the time allowed for carrying out the work, which contain any other conditions of any sort, are liable to rejection. Any deviations which the tenderer desires to make shall not be included in the annexed document but shall make the form of a separate statement giving reference to page, clause of item number of the annexed documents.

    The rate (s) and / or amount (s) must be quoted in decimal coinage.

  6. The Dy. General Manager (Civil Engineering) Cochin Shipyard Limited or his duly authorised representative will open tenders in the presence of any intending contractors or their authorised representatives who may be present at the time.

  7. The accepting Officer shall have the right to reject all or any of the tenders, and will not be bound to accept the lowest tender or to assign any reason for rejecting any tender.

  8. The memorandum of work tendered for and the schedule of materials to be supplied by the Cochin Shipyard Limited and their issue rate shall be filled in and completed in the Office of the Dy. General Manager (Civil Engineering), Cochin Shipyard Limited, Cochin - 15, before the tender form is issued. If a form is issued to an intending tenderer without having been so filled in and completed he shall request the office to have this done in before he completes and delivers his tender.

  9. The work is required to be started immediately after the date on which the Dy. General Manager (Civil Engineering.) or his authorised representative issues written orders to commence the work or from the date of handing over the site whichever is later, in accordance with the phasing, if any, indicated in the tender documents.

  10. Contractors who have registered in appropriate class with any state P.W.D., C.P.W.D., M.E.S., Major Port Trust, Railways or Contractors with required experience within whose financial category the estimated amount falls and to whom issued of Tenders Forms was approved by the Dy. General Manager (Civil Engineering) Cochin Shipyard Limited, will be permitted to tender. Not more than one tender shall be submitted by a Contractor or by a firm.

  11. No two or more concern in which an individual is interested, as a Proprietor and / or a partner shall tender for the execution of the same work. If they do so, all such tenders shall be liable to be rejected.

  12. The Dy. Gen. Manager (Civil Engineering) Cochin Shipyard Limited, shall be the accepting officer hereinafter referred to as such for the purpose of this contract.

  13. The intending tenderers should apply in writing for issue/supply of tender document supported by the following documents.

    1. Copy of the latest Registration Certificate issued by and state P.W.D., C.P.W.D., M.E.S., Major Port Trusts or Railways or experience certificate for the works executed, and
    2. Complete list of works carried out during the last 5 years or in progress with the value of works and details of construction machinery available with them.
  14. The tenderer shall produce an Income-tax Clearance Certificate along with the tender.

  15. Tenderers are advised to visit the site sufficiently in advance of the date fixed for submission of the tender. A tenderer shall be deemed to have full knowledge of all the relevant documents, samples, site, etc. whether he inspects them or not.

  16. The tenderer should quote in figures as well as in words rate(s) tendered. The amount of each item should be worked out and the requisite totals given. Special care shall be taken to write rates in figures as well as in words and the amounts in figures only in such a way that interpolation is not possible. The total amount shall be written both in figures and in words. In case of figures, the ‘Rs’ should be written before the figure of rupees and the words ‘Paise’ after the decimal figures, eg. Rs.2 – 15 ps and in case of words the word ‘Rupees’ should precede and the words ‘Paise’ should be written at the end. Unless the rates is in whole rupees and followed by the words ‘only’ it should invariably be upto two places of decimal. In case of any discrepancy arising in rates quoted in words and figures, lower of the two shall be taken as correct.

  17. All rates shall be quoted on the tender form.

  18. In case of item rate tenders, only rates quoted shall be considered. Any tender containing percentage below / above the rates quoted is liable to be rejected.

  19. The tender for the works shall not be witnessed by a Contractor or Contractors who himself / themselves has / have tendered or who may and has / have tendered for the same works. Failure to observe this condition shall render the tender of the contractor tendering as well as of those witnessing the tender liable to rejection.

  20. In case of contractors who have not furnished standing security, the tender shall be accompanied by earnest money (unless exempted from depositing it) mentioned in the Tender Notice in Deposit at Call Receipt of a Scheduled Bank or Demand Drafts issued in favour of the Dy. General Manager (Finance), Cochin Shipyard Limited, Cochin-15. A contractor exempted from depositing earnest money / security in individual cases shall attach with the tender attested copy of the letter exempting him from depositing earnest money / security and shall produce the original when called upon to do so.

  21. On acceptance of tender, the earnest money will be treated as part of the security.

  22. The tenderer, whose tender is accepted shall (unless exempted) permit Cochin Shipyard Limited at the time of making any payment to him for work done under the contract to deduct 10% from the amount of each bill till the amount so deducted along with amount of earnest money already deposited amount to 10% of the total bill amount.

  23. The Dy. General Manager (Finance) Cochin Limited, will return the earnest money where applicable to every unsuccessful tenderer on production by him of a certificate of rejection of the Tender by the Dy. Gen. Manager (Civil Engineering) or his authorised representative.

  24. A tenderer shall submit by the tender which satisfies each and every condition laid down in this notice, failing which, the tender is liable to be rejected.

  25. The responsibility for purchasing the tender Document to facilitate submission of tender in time rests strictly on the intending bidders.

  26. The Dy. General Manager (Civil Engineering) Cochin Limited, does not bind himself to accept the lowest or any tender or to give any reasons for his decision.